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Straw Building

Straw Building We specialise in the design and construction of straw bale insulated buildings. Our recent projects include a 4 bedroom detached house, a single storey side extension to a conventional brick house, 2.5 storey town house, a straw bale bird hide and a straw bale Glamping pods.

Straw is an abundant building material and offers a great many environmental advantages such as super insulation, energy efficiency and carbon storage. A straw bale building will last a very long time when designed appropriately and built well. When a straw bale house is designed and built well it will require little to no heating and keep its cool through summer. Please get in touch to see how we can help you with your straw bale project.

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The Straw Bale Cottage

This one and a half storey, load bearing straw bale cottage has an internal floor area of approximately 120m2. Seven courses of local wheat straw carry the weight of the roof. The exterior straw bale walls are lime rendered and clay plaster was applied internally. The roof and floor were insulated with sheep’s wool or recycled newspaper to match the u-value of 0.13 W/m2K achieved by the straw bale walls. Natural finishes were used throughout. You can rent this cottage at

The Straw Bale Cottage Pillar Foundations Load Bearing Straw Bale Walls Rafters Roofed and Tarped Gables infilled with straw and clay plastered Gables ventilated cladding Porch cast with hemp and lime Porch Clad with Larch Sheeps wool, celenit and clay Lime render Clay plastering Lime washing Exterior complete Heat Downstairs Heat Upstairs Bedroom in the roof Kitchen, handmade by Sam
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